Objective: Animation and Art Creation 

Tools: Spine, Flash/Adobe Animate, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Blender.

           Excel, JIRA, Perforce, Sharepoint. Mac OS, Windows OS, HTML5, Unity

           Tablets, Cintiqs.

Experience: 10 Years


Big Fish Games, Oakland, CA. June 2017 - Present

2D Game Animator II

Duties: Game Animation and Art Asset creation.

Game: “Big Fish Casino" Social Gambling Game- Facebook, Mobile

              -Serengeti Splendor" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation
              -“Divine 5" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation
              -“Jackpot City Deluxe" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“Party Wave" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“Espionage Express" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“Helsing's Midnight Hunt" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“The Great Museum Heist" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“Jackpot Shanghai" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

              -“Wrath of Kong" Big Fish Casino Slot Machine, Animation

Game: “Gambit" Card Battling Game - Mobile. Character Animation

PUPPET COMBO, Telecommute. July 2020

Freelance Character Animator

Duties: In Game Character Animation in Blender and Unity

Game: “MURDER HOUSE" Playstation 1 Style Survival Horror Game - PC

IGT, San Francisco, CA. June 2013 - June 2017

Online Game Artist II

Duties: Create Artwork and Animation using Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Animate/Flash and Maya for Online Slot Machine games and Video Poker Games for both Desktop and Mobile platforms.

Game: “Ultimate X Triple/Five/Ten Play Poker" Online Video Poker - Desktop 

Game: “Siberian Storm Dual Play" Online Slot Machine - Desktop, Mobile

Game: “Ghostbusters Spectral Search" Online E-Instant Game- Desktop, Mobile

Game: “Ghostbusters Triple Slime" Online Slot Machine - Desktop, Mobile

Game: “Mighty Quiver" VR Mobile Game - Mobile

Game: “Doughnado" Online E-Instant Game- Desktop, Mobile

Game: “Double Crossword Carnival" Online E-Instant Game- Desktop, Mobile

Game: “Somewhere Clover the Rainbow" Online E-Instant Game- Desktop, Mobile


Studio Yotta, Telecommute. September 2015 - December 2015

Freelance Animator

Duties: Character Animation. Clean-up Animation.

TV Show: "Obituary: A Grave Beginning" Pilot Episode

Animated Short: "Starbomb - The Simple Plot of Metal Gear" Music Video


​Lightside Games, Mountain View, CA. October 2011 – April 2013​
Flash Artist and Animator​

Duties: Character creation and animation. Asset creation and animation. Storyboarding and animating cutscenes. Web ad creation and video editing for announcement videos. Concept artwork for layout of levels and concept video creation for layout of UI map.​
Game: “Legend Hunter” Facebook
Game: “Journey of Moses” Facebook 
Game: “Journey of Jesus: The Calling” Facebook
Game: “Light the Way: The Bible” Facebook, iOS. 
Game: “Let There Be Light” Facebook, iOS 


​Calabash Animation, Chicago, IL. September 2010, April 2011​
Freelance Traditional Animator​

Duties: Rough in-between animation. Follow through animation. Shading and Lighting animation (2D)
Commercial: “To Lose La Trix” Trix Yogurt commercial
Commercial: “Everybody Flies” Lucky Charms commercial.


​WMS Gaming, Chicago, IL. July 2010 – December 2010​
Creative Services Art Intern​

Duties: Laying out Pay/Help page UI elements. Promotional art creation for forums. Translations on Pay/Help UI.

2006-2010. Columbia College Chicago, IL.
Bachelor of Arts
Film and Video Major, Traditional Animation Concentration.

Recommended By:

"Dave Bruno is not only the friendliest employee you will ever have, but also one of the most creative. He is one of those rare people you find who is truly passionate about what he does. Dave is constantly creating both on the job and in his spare time; whether it’s drawing, designing, or animating. He also has that rare quality of being creative as well as being organized. He is able to take work that is passed on to him as well as fix any issues that another artist may have missed. His zest for artistic creativity is contagious, and will inspire your own work."

    ~Ana Rollins - Online Game Artist II at IGT

"Dave is a wonderful artist and animator! He has such a positive creative spirit that he is a joy to work with. Every time that a task is assigned to him, he brings enthusiasm and energy to it. I have had such a great time working with Dave. He is so easy to work with and always interested in making things look their best. He takes direction and criticism well, and his work is really superb"

    ~Susannah Kirtland - Art Director at Lightside Games.​

“Dave is a great artist, and a great teammate. He is able to maintain both speed and innovation, meaning never missed a deadline and still able to put in creative thoughts on the assignments given. He is cheerful and outgoing, which always lighten the mood of the team even after a long day of over time (or two... or three...). Animation and character works are his strong suit, he is definitely a great member to have on any given size of a team.”
      ~Shaun Tsai – Senior Flash Artist at Lightside Games​

Other recommendations made upon request.



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