Animation Reel

Reel Breakdown

00:00 - Cover Image

Digital Painting in Photoshop

00:07 - Starbomb Music Video - Studio Yotta -Youtube -

Character Animations in Flash

00:16 - Scaredy Dave - Personal Project -

Entirety in Flash

00:33 - Ghostbusters Spectral Search -  IGT - E-Instant Game - Character Animation in Maya, Game Artwork in Photoshop and Flash, Game Animation in Flash and After Effects

00:55 - Divine 5 - Big Fish Games -Mobile Game -

Symbol Animation, Big Win Animation, All Minigame Animations in Spine and Flash

01:13 - Espionage Express - Big Fish Games -Mobile Game -

Ambient Animation, Big Win Animation, All Minigame Animations in Spine

Last Updated: February 2019

01:33 - The Great Museum Heist - Big Fish Games -Mobile Game -

Character Cutscene Animations, Big Win Animation, Minigame Animations in Spine

01:52 - Gambit - Big Fish Games - Mobile Game -

Character Animations in Spine

02:46 - Party Wave - Big Fish Games -Mobile Game -

Character Animations for Symbols, Minigame Animations

02:48 - Lucky Charms - Calabash Animation -  TV Commercial

Follow Through Animation in Traditional Pen and Paper Format

02:55 - Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil- Vile Media -

- Adventure Game - 

Character Animation in Flash, Cutscene Animation in Flash

Feel free to ask me directly for more detail on my work on any of my projects, I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Animated GIFs

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